Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ladang Tebu Nite Ride (Nocturnal Ride)

I joined up with 19 "tegar" riders, all eagerly waiting to see how the trail lives up to its name....ladang tebu, dusty, windy, and "fun". I experienced it first hand with Achong, Tandope, Chan and 1 more rider, but it was during daytime. So, tonite's ride was supposed to be a revisit, but it didnt't turn out that way..hahaha

Didn't manage to snap pics due to drained out battery...lupa nak, the only visual offerings can only be found below, thanks to hardcore picmen .... Achong, Rushdone, Saifudin, and Chan NXT (the ever popular organizer, been told that tonite's ride was the biggest crowd ever gathered here, tahniah bro!!)

The story of that event can be found in their respective blogs....what I can say is that I enjoy every moment of it...lain kali memang nak pi lagi...

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